Choco Gala

Cash Box


Who doesn't love a multi-element gift! Our Cash Box begins with seven of our signature chocolate roses that can be seen through the cover, but there is more to come. When the box is opened, the secret component is revealed! There is a fitted portion of the box for a special gift, such as cash, jewelry, gift card, photos, tickets, etc. Make your special person feel a little extra loved and create unforgettable memory with this unique box.

What’s Included
• 4 Pcs Signature Rose Bud Shaped Chocolates (13g / each)
• 3 Pcs Signature Rose Bloom Shaped Chocolates (18g / each)

Chocolate Flavors
• Assorted: Milk / White / Gold (Caramel) / Ruby (Berry) / Pink (White Chocolate + Organic Strawberry Powder) /Purple (White Chocolate + Organic Blueberry Powder)
* For additional allergy information, click here

Pearl / Pink

• Box Size: 7.08" x 8.27" x 4"

* Disclaimer: Cash is not included with the purchase

Please note: Each gift arrangement is prepared by hand with handmade chocolates. Due to its handmade nature, our arrangements may vary slightly in design, color, or appearance from product images.

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