Choco Gala

Organic Chocolate Fruit Bar Medley [Mini - Set of 4]


Our gourmet chocolate fruit bars are famous for its high-quality taste and delicious organic ingredients. Each bar is handcrafted using the finest Belgian couverture chocolates and dried organic fruits and cacao nibs. We never add any preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. 

Citrusy Strawberry Bar
White chocolate + Organic Strawberry powder
Organic Oranges and strawberries

Golden Caramel Banana Bar
Gold caramel chocolate + Organic Bananas and figs

Dark Coco Nib Bar 
Dark chocolate + Organic Cacao nibs and coconut

Zesty Pineapple Bar
White chocolate + Organic Pineapples and lemons

4 Chocolate Fruit Bars (18g each)

Fruit Bar: 2” x 3”
Bag Size: 6” x  8”

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