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Le Coeur Box

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Paris is the city of love and some say French is the most romantic language. Say hello to our beautifully crafted "Le Coeur" Box - 7 signature Belgian chocolate roses inside a handcrafted heart-shaped box. What better way to show your love than with a heart-shaped box with delectable Belgian chocolate roses.   

What’s Included
• 5 Rose Bud Shaped Chocolates (13g / each)
• 2 Pcs Rose Bloom Shaped Chocolates (18g / each)

Chocolate Flavors
• Assorted: Milk / White / Gold (Caramel) / Ruby (Berry) / Pink (White Chocolate + Organic Strawberry Powder) / Purple (White Chocolate + Organic Blueberry Powder)
• For additional allergy information, click here

White / Pink

• 7.1” x 6.5” x 3.9"

Please note: Each gift arrangement is prepared by hand with handmade chocolates. Due to its handmade nature, our arrangements may vary slightly in design, color, or appearance from product images.


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