Do you know why we call ourselves Choco Gala?

The first part is obvious. We are obsessed with all things chocolate. Chocolates are the ultimate treat – decadent, beautiful, and downright delicious.

The second part is because a gala is a special social event where you want to look your absolute best; a festive celebration characterized by chic outfits and elegant décor.

This is how Choco Gala was born!

We are a female-owned business of passionate chocolatiers with one core mission: to help you celebrate sweetly. 

Our philosophy is simple – To create beautiful and exclusive gifts and arrangements for our customers using only ingredients of the highest quality and highest integrity.

All our products are meticulously designed by our chocolate artisans to highlight the elements that make life beautiful – love, support, celebration, and health.  

Our signature chocolate roses, bars, and dips are all handcrafted using the finest Belgian couverture chocolates and organic ingredients. Our products do not contain any added sugar, preservatives, or artificial colorings and flavors.

Join our Choco Gala family today and let us help you make life a sweet celebration.


“A gift of love should be made with love”

Uria S.