Halloween Candy & Chocolates: sweet spooky season treat with Choco Gala!

Halloween is just around the corner!👻

Are you ready for the spooky season?From spooky snacks to ghoulishly good candies,

these treats will do just the trick!🎃

Treat you or your friends to the Happy Halloween Choco Pops Set!

Halloween Chocolate Pops in 6 individual chocolates and candies. 

This little set comes with six Halloween characters holding chocolate roses in food-safe clear OPP bags to maintain freshness.


Want a smaller treat instead? 🦇


Try the Scary Terry Choco Pops Set


These fun little chocolates can make your Halloween a lot sweeter!

☠️Did you know?

Today’s Halloween traditions are based on a Celtic celebration 2000 years ago. The Celts performed rituals called Samhain to ward off evil spirits while the souls of their dead relatives came back on October 31st. Volunteers would dress in costumes and perform dances in exchange for food and drinks. At the same time, those in need would go door to door to ask for “soul cakes” (a pastry). In exchange, they would pray for the wealthy. 


For this Halloween 2022, how about we pray for prosperity and wealth with Choco Gala's unique scary chocolate pops?😉


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