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chocolate fun facts: all about chocolates

  • One pound of chocolate you collected on Halloween takes approximately 400 Cocoa Beans to make!¬†
  • Most chocolate starts in West Africa from cocoa farms.¬†
  • Cacao is cocoa in Spanish¬†
  • There are probably not that many people who dislike chocolate! Our Choco Gala chocolates are not only smooth and rich, but they are also lovely as a gift for your chocolate lover!¬†


Different Kinds of Chocolate

The most popular chocolates all around the world consist of milk, dark, white, ruby, and many more! 

But most people do not actually know the difference except for the taste!

Milk Chocolates: Milk Chocolate is the most popular and well-known kind. Milk chocolate actually is what it sounds like. It is a 10-20% cocoa base, mixed with milk which gives it its creamy texture. 

Dark Chocolates: Dark Chocolate is for those who want something a bit lighter and less sweet than milk chocolate. It is commonly used for cooking or baking, and it is almost like pure cocoa! 

White Chocolates: White Chocolate is white, obviously! But why is it white? Similar to milk chocolate, there is a significant amount of milk and sugar added, but it does not contain any cocoa solids, giving it its white color. 

Ruby Chocolates: Ruby Chocolate lives up to its luxurious name. It is made from a different type of bean called the ruby cocoa bean. As this chocolate is manufactured, the beans give the chocolate a pink color and a sweet and tart flavor. 


Do you know what your favorite type of chocolate is? 

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