Choco Gala

Gala Cake


The Gala Cake is a classic rose arrangement with a delicious chocolate twist. Our signature Belgian chocolate roses (3-in. tall) are elegantly wrapped in decorative paper and beautifully arranged inside a sleek handcrafted container (available in Black, Ivory, or Pink).

Give this one-of-a-kind gift to a special someone for their birthday, anniversary, graduation, promotion, or just because! 

Chocolate Flavors

  • Milk
  • White
  • Gold (Caramel)
  • Ruby (Berry)
  • Pink (White Chocolate + Organic Strawberry Powder)
  • Purple (White Chocolate + Organic Blueberry Powder

     (9 chocolate roses): 5.9” x 4.5” in.
    Grand (20 chocolate roses): 7.9” x 4.75” in.
    Rose Bud: 13g     Rose Bloom: 18g

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